Vendor Info


When you register, you will receive the opportunity to share your business with thousands
of parents at one of
our many Just Between Friends Sales.  

As a SINGLE BOOTH VENDOR, we will distribute 100 FLYERS for you, and
as a DOUBLE BOOTH VENDOR we will distribute 200 FLYERS for you.

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All vendors are required to bring 2 $15 GIVEAWAYS and  a a table cloth for their booth space.

Vendor Booth Guidelines:

All vendors MUST have specific baby or pregnancy appropriate products or services for this event.
Baby Shower Power reserves the right to accept or deny any service or product. Please CLICK HERE to read all the rules/regulations BEFORE submitting your application and payment.

Booth Space:

Electricity: Must be arranged in advance. Limited wattage. Vendors must supply their own grounded extension cord(s) – 10’ or more. If you have multiple cords, do not plug all cords into one a single outlet on the power bars. This can cause an overload and blow the circuits. 

Steps For Reserving Your Vendor Booth Space

  1. Read all rules/regulations before purchasing vendor space.
  2. Click on the vendor registration link below and follow the instructions to complete your registration.

Contract: Acceptance of this application by Baby Shower Power via confirmation when transaction takes place.
As the Exhibitor, I have read and agree to abide by the Rules & Regulations of Baby Shower Power, which are all deemed a part of this contract. All of our employees will be informed of, and will abide by, the rules and regulations governing this event to which I am agreeing. I agree to sell/represent only the items from my business, unless otherwise authorized by Baby Shower Power. I agree to pay all applicable booth rental fees in full. I have read this contract  in full and understand the requirements for participation in this event.